Feinmann Finds…Mirror, Mirror

modern mirrored backsplashMirror, mirror on the wall, how did you get to be one of the fastest growing backsplash trends of all?  We all expect to find mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom. In the 1950s and ’60s, smoky mirrored walls were all the rage. Now comes another use for mirrors – in an unexpected place – the kitchen.

Windows across from the backsplash are reflected, giving the illusion that the backsplash is a window rather than a mirror. The mirror further serves to bounce light from the windows, providing more natural light in the space between the countertops and under the upper cabinetry.  On a continuous wall, the use of mirrors can be quite effective, especially when combined with glass front cabinets. In addition, mirrors can make the space look bigger.

Mirrors work in both contemporary and traditional style kitchens, letting you decide which spot is the fairest of them all!

House Beautiful mirrored backsplash