Feinmann Finds…Looking Upwards: Architectural Ceilings

Favorite products and design elements from the Feinmann Design Build team

Ceilings are often the forgotten element in home renovations but they need not be. “Just as decorative woodwork like molding and wainscoting can enhance a simple room design, so can a tray or coffered ceiling,” says Feinmann Project Manager Chris Tobin. Think of your ceiling as a canvas – an architectural element that shows off your creativity. Here are five architectural ceiling ideas to encourage you to look upward.

1)   Coffered: Intersecting beams create the coffered effect. They can be square, rectangular, diamond or oval shaped.

Feinmann-Winchester-MA-Elegant Bath

Feinmann-Design Build Manchester-by-the-Sea living room







2)   Tray: This ceiling treatment creates dimension using different planes. It works great with hidden perimeter LED strip lighting creating a glow on the ceiling.  It looks lovely in a dining or living room.

Feinmann-Inc-Lexington-MA-living room

Feinmann-Inc-Newton-MA-Kitchen-Tray Ceiling







3)  Exposed beams: Whether showing the aged beams like in our kitchen remodel below – or boxing them to make the room feel more formal – exposed beams combine the architectural with the decorative.

Feinmann-Inc-Boston-Kitchen-Exposed Beams







4)  Plank: Beadboard on the ceiling? Sure. Moldings and paneling are another great way to create dimension and the illusion of a larger or smaller space.

Feinmann Inc Lexington MA Living Room








5)   Soffits: In the photos below, “the soffit is used to play off the tray ceiling and further define the TV area from the table area beneath the tray ceiling. It also grounds the cabinetry, making a transition to the sloped cathedral ceiling above,” Feinmann architect Kert Heinecke explains. In the kitchen photo, the soffit defines the kitchen and gives it a feeling of greater height by accenting the raised central portion of the ceiling. By creating a soffit over the peninsula, the pendant lights have a place to reside rather than just floating in the middle of nowhere if the ceiling were flat. Finally, the soffit provides visual texture as well as a way to keep the kitchen and dining area connected while creating some kind of separation.

Feinmann-Inc-Lexington-MA Family Room Soffit Tray Ceiling

Feinmann-Inc-Arlington-MA-Kitchen Soffit







No matter what ceiling treatment you choose, lie back and look up awhile. Inspiration is sure to hit. “Things really are looking up!”