Kitchen Renovation in a Lexington Contemporary Colonial – A Feinmann Project Showcase

Feinmann Lexington Kitchen + FR  2 view webWhen a Lexington couple approached Feinmann to update their kitchen and forge a link between the kitchen and the adjacent family room, the finished project created strong family ties between the two spaces. An earlier design from a local architect included an addition to the contemporary Colonial home that the couple felt was more than they needed so they contacted our team. Feinmann’s design updated the kitchen in its existing footprint and opened up the wall into the transformed family room, providing the improved circulation and functionality on the first floor our clients sought. Read more…

Feinmann Project Showcase: Roslindale Home Renovation

Feinmann Roslindale Kitchen Main viewOwners of a Colonial Revival house in the heart of Roslindale came to Feinmann looking to improve the first floor circulation and renovate the kitchen and pantry.  The existing kitchen of this historic home – part of “Doctor’s Row” – lacked contemporary style and function.  It had no access to the living room but was connected to a pantry. The original back door and hallway were awkwardly located in relation to the rest of the house. Additional problems included a rarely used back staircase and old heating ductwork, taking up valuable space. Read more…

Feinmann Finds: Induction Cooking

Who says there’s nothing new under the sun? High-efficiency appliances dovetail perfectly with our busy lives and no-time-to-wait-for-the-water-to-boil schedules. Previous blog posts have touted the convenience and benefits of steam ovens and refrigerator and warming drawers. Today Feinmann Finds looks at induction ranges and cooktops that will not fail to impress.

How does induction cooking work? By heating the vessel rather than using heat transfer from electric coils or gas burners using ferromagnetism. Simply put, cookware that contains the right composition of materials that forms the magnetism. To see whether your own pots and pans will work, use the magnet test. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan, it will mostly likely work. Glass and ceramic vessels do not function with induction but there are adaptive discs you can purchase to make your own pots and pans induction-worthy.

Read more…

Feinmann Finds: warming drawers provide convenience for busy families

busy calendarHow do you feed the family when one child is home for dinner while another is off at soccer? Or a working parent has a late meeting? Often parents are left preparing more than one meal or eating in shifts. We’ve found a convenient solution to this busy family challenge – warming drawers.


We put a Thermador Professional Series 30-inch warming drawer in a client’s kitchen recently. They have loved how easy it’s been to use and the flexibility around mealtimes. Warming drawers are fabulous for entertaining as well. Read more…

Feinmann Finds: refrigerator drawers – the perfect go-to spot for packed lunches and afterschool snacks

September signals back-to-school and a shift in how we eat after the more casual, lighter fare of summer. If you have school-age children, this likely means packed lunches and after-school snacks.

One way to encourage healthy eating is providing easy access to nutritious foods. Busy families who are looking for convenience might consider one of our favorite products – the refrigerator drawer. Read more…

Feinmann Finds…Shine On: High Gloss Lacquered Cabinets

Would you park your gleaming new, Ferrari in your kitchen? Probably not. But now there’s another way to bring some shine to your kitchen with high gloss lacquered cabinetry. These contemporary cabinets get their sheen with layers of sprayed lacquer paint, similar to the technique used on luxury automobiles.

Feinmann kitchen

This kitchen combines white, high gloss cabinets from Elmwood Cabinetry with maple cabinets from Greenfield.

Feinmann recently installed two kitchens with high gloss white cabinetry from Elmwood Kitchens – one with integrated pulls and one without hardware that uses a magnetic touch system. “It is a pristine, modern look,” says Kate Yurgelun, Feinmann designer. “They’re easy to maintain, too, strong and durable.”

Another option for a clean, glossy look is the acrylic, slab front doors from cabinet manufacturer Spazzi. Imported from Spain, the cabinets come in a variety of colors and patterns from white-on-white floral to subtle multi-colored stripes. Get your shine on with high gloss lacquered cabinets.


Feinmann Finds…The Perfect Round Table

Room and Board Benson tableOne of our clients was recently faced with a design dilemma and shared her solution with us for Feinmann Finds. The beautifully renovated eating area in Miriam Sadofsky’s kitchen was too narrow for a 48″ round table. She tried a 36″ table but found that it was too small for the space and thus began her search for the perfect 42″ round table. Read more…

Feinmann Finds… Steam & Convection Ovens

Every Friday we bring you unique and interesting products and design elements for your home, suggested by our fantastic team at Feinmann.

Want to know the secret to perfectly cooked, moist salmon and vegetables that retain their color and nutrients? The injection steam oven is getting rave reviews for cooking quality and ease of use. The convection technology provides convenience through faster cooking times as well. Feinmann designer Kate Yurgelun and Senior Project Manager Tammy Russo both love these products and have installed ovens from three different brands  in clients’ homes: Miele’s MasterChef Steam Oven, Jenn Air’s double or single MultiMode Convection Oven and KitchenAid’s Dual Fan Convection Oven with Steam-Assist Technology. The ovens all come in a variety of sizes and finishes, but most importantly, they bring healthier cooking techniques to families everywhere.

JennAir ovenKitchenAid oven

Miele Steam Convection oven