Feinmann Finds: Sliding Doors to Flex Your Space

Sliding doorsIn the movie Sliding Doors, a dual universe provides a glimpse of two versions of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s life. While that is a complete fantasy, having two versions of a space in your house can easily be a reality.

Sliding doors and pocket doors are gaining in popularity because they provide flexible use of space. Homeowners can create private areas in a modern, open floor plan while adding an element that meshes with your interior design scheme – practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Feinmann Beacon Hill Tatami Room

Tatami room with Shoji screens in Beacon Hill condominium

We used Shoji screens in two projects for clients who wanted to use Eastern accents and be able to close off the space from public view. In this Beacon Hill project, the “tatami” room is used as a play space for the children as well as a guest room for visiting relatives from far away.  The Shoji screens open and stack on either side but when closed, allow light to pass through while still maintaining privacy. (Tatami is a straw mat which is the authentic Japanese flooring material in the room.) The screens were made by Cherry Tree Design.

In our Asian Inspiration project in Lexington, the client also planned to use the space in a variety of ways but didn’t want the closed off feeling of a solid wall. Again Shoji screens were the solution. The exterior wall on the opposite side of the hall – composed of Kalwall – was designed to match the Japanese screens. If versatility is the goal, pocket doors and sliding doors could be the solution. You can have a rustic look – like a reclaimed wood barn door with track that is part of the design – or a much sleeker, high tech sliding door. We recently used a sliding barn door on a Belmont carriage house project.

In warmer climates, entire walls slide away blending the lines between outdoors and indoors.  Although New England weather makes that more of a challenge, there are certainly ways to use sliding and pocket doors to flex your space.

Lexington hall view Shoji screens - Feinmann

Lexington hall view into living room Shoji screens and kal wall - Feinmann